"I was reviewing our website for some pictures to use… which lead me to watch your video again that we now have on the website… and I felt the need to tell you once again what an amazing job you did and how much I appreciate it. You just do an excellent job in not only in appearance and clarity, but you are very good at exactly what I need… capturing the whole story in a short period of time."

          -- L. Gibson - RV Park Palace and Bluewater Resort and Marina

"This video is extremely well done and incredibly helpful! It shows the answers to the EXACT questions that the lead installers of one of our largest customers asked this morning after I presented the product to them. They were already exited (like I am!). This video will push them over the edge."

          -- R. Skinner 

"Brandon -I like your sense of urgency.  You must spoil your clients." 

          -- M. O'Neil

I've had a passion for video production since a young age.  I'll never forget the trouble I got into for mounting my mother's "expensive" 8mm camcorder to the handle bars of my ATV.  This was long before the action cams we have today.  Years later, I found myself managing a production team for a large cable company, however, during the Great Recession, that department was closed.  It was then that I decided to launch Brandon Brown Productions, LLC.  I've taken my passion and industry experience to form a company that stands for quality, value, and customer service ethics that far exceed the standard.  I believe my clients deserve the very best, every time.  Thank you for taking time to learn about us, and I look forward to helping you grow your business.    

                                               - Brandon  

who we are

Each client is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

At Brandon Brown Productions, LLC.  We have made an investment in some of the most cutting edge production and post-production equipment on the market today.  This, along with 18 years experience in video production and advertising, gives Brandon Brown Productions the necessary tools to create a visual product that will grow your business.  We provide advertising and production services from concept to screen, from 4K video to aerial imagery.

our approach

we believe in a unique and customized experience for each and every client.